General Description

A slender parrot with long tail. Its body, head and wings are mostly emerald green. It has a yellow forehead and a red patch at the back of the head. It has a yellow shoulder patch with an orange stripe. Outer flight wing feathers are blue. The lower part of the belly is red grading to a yellow vent (lower base of tail). Females head, breast, back and wings are light brown. Lower belly is yellow, lacking the red of the male. Body size 25 to 35 cm.


Usually in pairs or small family parties, it mostly feeds on seed on the ground or in low shrubs. They are well camouflaged and quiet so are often not seen until they take flight. They mostly feed in the early morning and late afternoon, after which they go for a drink. During the heat of the day they sit quietly in the branches of a tree. They nest high in a tree hollow and lay 4 to 6 white eggs.


Central Australia.


Mallee, Acacia and saltbush shrublands, and timbered creek lines in dry inland areas. Usually near water.

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