General Description

Carapace wider than long, dorsal surface with few or many setae, becoming a dense band of long setae marginally and extending on to front and sides of carapace. Eyes embedded in orbits, moveable, cornea well formed. Anterolateral margins of carapace divided by notches into lobes. Dark dirty grey. Up to 2.5 cm wide.


Hairy crabs of the family Pilumnidae are slow-moving crabs more or less covered with a mat of hairs or velvet and often appearing dirty because of the mud trapped on the hairs. Bearded crabs are a commonly encountered pilumnid in dredge samples in Port Phillip and Western Port in Victoria. Unlike other pilumnids there are few hairs dorsally.


Southern temperate oceans, including south-eastern Australia.


Common under rocks and rubble on sheltered reefs, and in mussel clumps on muddy sandflats, to 70 m depth.

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