General Description

Claws (chelipeds) subequal, with setae covering spines along upper-lateral margin; fifth segment (carpus) with distal rounded knob (boss) on upper surface. First and second walking legs (pereopods 2 and 3) with dense fringes of setae. Moveable plate attached to base of eye stalks (ocular scales) with 2 spines. Up to 2 cm total length.


'Pugil' means fighter and the two smooth boxing glove-like knobs on top of the wrist of the otherwise spiny claws give this small species its name. Like all hermit crabs this one must compete with others of its kind and other species for dead snail shells. Individuals change shells more frequently than is simply necessary for growth and fight each other over possession.


Southern temperate oceans, including south-eastern Australia.


Low intertidal, to depths of 69 m.

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