Colt 1851 Navy percussion revolver and accessories, cased, second model, second generation, cal. .36 in., rifled octagonal barrel 19.00cm (7 1/2 in) long with loading lever attached. Six chambered cylinder engraved with naval battle scene.

Made by Colt's Patent Fire Arms Manufacturing Co, Hartford, Connecticut. Serial number 6229, 1973.

Physical Description

Thin loading lever catch. Six chambered cylinder engraved with naval battle scene, square back Hartford style brass trigger guard with excellent silver plating, steel frame, brass Hartford style back strap with small groove and excellent silver plating, Slim Jim style grips, loading lever rammer screw enters from R.H. side, pin style front sight. Knurling on hammer is of course Hartford style. Barrel address is early New York address. Serial number 6229. Inspector's intial 'O' stamped onto frame below serial number. Strong case hardening colours to frame and loading lever, with excellent blued finish to barrel and cylinder. Case is a genuine Colt second generation case, wooden, with the bronze Colt escutcheon inlaid in the lower R.H.corner. The case is lined on the inside of the lid in a royal blue satin synethic and in the body of the case with a pile fabric of matching colour. The fabric on the inside of the lid has the Colt rampant horse logo printed in gold. The case contains a reproduction bullet mould, powder flask, Eley Bros. percussion caps tin (empty) and the key to the case.


In 1971 Colt began to recommence production of the 1851 Navy model, with production running for seven years until 1978. These firearms are not to be confused with replicas or reproductions, as they are genuine Colt manufactured firearms. They are commonly termed 'second generation' Colts. The condition of these items is typically very high, with clean grips, strong case-hardening colours and 95-100% blueing - a reflection of their often limited use as firearms and their value by some collectors in filling gaps in a collection at a more affordable price than the original first generation item might offer.

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