Australia Victoria Melbourne
Medal - Melbourne Centennial International Exhibition Commemorative 1888
Mint: Stokes & Martin
Other Details: This medal was produced as a memento of a visit to the exhibition. Its image of the Exhibition Building seen from the south-east was probably the best medallic representation.

Physical Description

Commemorative medallion struck for the Centennial International Exhibition in 1888. Bronze.

Obverse Description

Obverse: CENTENNIAL INTERNATIONAL EXHIBITION/1888-89/MELBOURNE/STOKES AND MARTIN MELBOURNE Image of Royal Exhibition Building in relief, with lake and gardens in the foreground.

Reverse Description

Reverse: In the centre, monogrammed C & E entwined, decorated with swirls and Celtic patterns. Around the outside, an elaborate wreath where half is wheat sheaves and half is scotch thistle, shamrocks and oak leaves. This combines symbols from Great Britain and Australia.

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