1 Pound, Issued by Jersey, 1981
Commemorating the Bicentenary of the Battle of Jersey, 1781
Minted by Royal Mint, London

Obverse Description

Diademed and draped bust of the Queen facing right; around, QUEEN ELIZABETH THE SECOND BAILIWICK OF JERSEY

Reverse Description

Plain shield charged with three lions, passant guardant in pale (ie. walking to left with heads facing viewer arranged beneath one another) superimposed on a cross of St. Andrew and dividing the dates 1781 and 1981; around, ONE POUND BICENTENNARY OF THE BATTLE OF JERSEY

Edge Description



Commemorating the Battle of Jersey (January 6, 1781) which was fought after the French invaded Jersey to remove the threat of British privateers based on the island during the American War of Independence.

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