Sunpet 826 cartridge film camera branded with 'James Bond 007' insignia, made in Hong Kong and thought to be manufactured circa 1982.

This camera was probably made and marketed to appeal to James Bond fans around the time of the release of the Bond films 'For Your Eyes Only', which was released in 1981, and 'Octopussy', which was released in 1983.

This is a very simple moulded plastic film camera with few moving parts and basic focus control, that took 126 cartridge film.

Physical Description

Moulded, black plastic camera with circular lens located on the front, viewfinder and top mounted winding dial. A release button on the right side opens the back of the camera to allow a cartridge film to be inserted. A rectangular clear window on the camera back allows the user to see the details of the cartridge film once loaded. Silver shutter release is on side of lens.


This cheap and basic camera branded with the '007' insignia was a novelty marketed to fans of James Bond, made to take advantage of the popular interest in the James Bond books and movies around the world. The first James Bond book, 'Casino Royale', was published in 1983, and the first Bond film, 'Dr No' was released in 1962. By the early 1980s over ten Bond films had been made. 'For Your Eyes Only', released in 1981, was the twelth Bond film and 'Octopussy', released in 1983, was the thirteenth. This camera was likely made to ride the success of these early 1980s blockbuster films and the association of Bond with gadgets, even thought this particular camera was very low-tech.

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