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Medal - Women's Christian Temperence Union c. 1890 (AD)
Mint: Stokes & Sons
Other Details: This is a general purpose medal of the Australian Abstinence movement. Several organisations in nineteenth century Victoria were established to promote temperance, oppose the extension of hotel licences, and educate children and adults about the dangers of alcohol. They included the Order of the Sons of Temperance, the International Order of Good Templars, and the Band of Hope.

Physical Description

A silver medal in the form of a cross (25 * 34 mm) with loop at top for wearing. It features a globe with the letters WCTU

Obverse Description

Cross shaped badge with globe at centre; across globe, W.C.T.U.; on arms of cross, .FOR GOD. .HOME. & HUMANITY PROHIBITION

Reverse Description

Punched at base, STG. SIL.

Edge Description


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