Sales Brochure, 'DECLAB-11/60 Technical Summary', produced by Digital Equipment Corporation, Maynard, Massachusetts, 1977. The brochure outlines computer systems manufactured by Digital Equipment Corporation targeting laboratory data systems.

Abstract: The DECLAB-11/60 is a packaged system designed for laboratory and scientific use. It is based on DIGITAL'S new, powerful midrange processor, the PDP-11/60, around which are clustered the other three major computer system components. For connection to laboratory instruments, a laboratory front-end subsystem is provided; for program and data storage, a disk memory subsystem; and for the display of experimental results, a data display subsystem. Contains several high-quality colour photographs of computer systems used in laboratory situations.

Physical Description

Seventeen page brochure with gloss-card cover. Cover features green text and has a photographic image of a man seated in front of a computer set-up. Brochure features text with images. Back face of cover gives details of the computer company.

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