Victorian Railways booklet promoting Victorian winter holiday packages, published in April 1939. Victorian Railways played an important role in State tourism in the late 19th and early 20th centuries, even operating the Mt Buffalo Chalet from 1924 to 1983.

Physical Description

Booklet with drawn image of a man in a red jumper and blue pants skiing on the front cover.


These brochures provide a clear indication of the state of mass tourism in Victoria pre-WWII era. Most of the brochures were printed by Victorian Railway, which provided the major means of transport to Victoria's holiday destinations. The brochures also indicate other aspects of Tourism infastructure - hotels, roads, entertainment, facilities and so on. The brochures point to the critical growth of Victorian tourism in the inter-war period and how in itself the brochure played a significant part in enticing would-be tourists to choose one destination over another. Many of the brochures sport the work of quality commercial artists such as James Northfield.

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