9 editions of the magazine Digital Software News PDP-8/12, published by Digital Software Services, Digital Equipment Corporation, Maynard, Massachusetts. These editions date from: October 1977, December 1977 to February 1978, April/May 1978 to October/November 1978 and January 1979. The magazine describes new software techniques and application software bug fixes and patches for users of PDP-8/12 systems manufactured by Digital Equipment Corporation.

Physical Description

Collection of 9 individual copies of the 'Digital Software News PDP-8', dating between October 1977, December 1977, and January 1978- November 1978 (except March 1978) and January 1979. The journals are printed on portrait format paper on both sides of the page. The front cover is blue with an abstract, geometric, black coloured design adorning the page. The journal title and issue is printed in white on the first page inside the booklet but is visible through a rectangular 'window' in the outer cover of the journal. There are five holes along the left hand side of the booklet to enable the object to be stored in a ringbinder folder. The number of pages in each journal is variable, as is the content but the information is consistently presented in both text and diagrammatic format, in black ink.

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