Instruction manual for the Oscilloscope Display Control for the PDP-8/ PDP-8/S model computers, produced by Digital Equipment Corporation, Maynard, Massachusetts. made in U.S.A. 1967. Issued to the Division of Tribophysics, CSIRO, Melbourne.

Physical Description

26 page, portrait format, paper based manual with a blue-green, black and white front cover. The front is printed on a white background but there is a block of colour (blue-green) taking up the lower register, inside of which system type is printed in black. The manual is divided into eight chapters (with sub-chapters), each one relating to specific aspects of the PDP-8/ PDP-8/S system. The information contained in the sections of the manual is presented in several ways including printed text and tabular format. There are three holes along the left hand side of the manual, punctuating all of the pages, which would allow the document to be stored in a ringbinder.

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