Bronze coin; Denomination: Penny
Heaton Mint, Birmingham
Queen Victoria (1837-1901)

Heaton & Sons coins bear the Mint mark H below the date. On this coin an attemps has been made to erase the Mint mark as no penny coins were struck at the Royal Mint (hence without a Mint mark) bearing the date 1876..

Obverse Description

Bust of Queen Victoria facing left wearing bodice and a mantle decorated with rose, thistle and shamrock; in her hair a wreath of leaves and berries tied at back with ribbon, her hair drawn to a plaited bun behind, she wears a circular broach; around, VICTORIA D: G: BRITT: REG: F: D:

Reverse Description

Britannia seated facing right on a rock wearing a helmet and breastplate with flowing dress; she holds a trident and rests her right hand on a shield which bears the combined crosses of the Union Flag; at right a ship sailing away; at left, a lighthouse; around, ONE PENNY; in exergue, 1876; below, the mint mark H has been erased

Edge Description


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