Alternative name: Order Form.

Leaflet promoting the work done by Austcare to assist refugee children. It includes an image of one of the Greeting Cards designed by artist Thomas Le in 1996 to assist with Austcare's fundraising.

Thomas escaped Vietnam at the age of 16. Since arriving in Australia he has put himself through an Art and Design course at Preston TAFE and Phillip Institute and now runs his own Graphic Design business. He also creates his own artwork in the form of a visual diary of his life, including the many traumatic experiences he believes he has to deal with by painting them out of his system. Thomas donated the images of the cards to Austcare which seeks to help refugee children throughout the world. He views this as a way of giving something back for his new life in Australia for others who are suffering.

Physical Description

Green A4 sized leaflet folded into thirds. The front has a picture of the cow greeting card (a cow in green, yellow, white, blue, pink and red on a pink and yellow background), with AUSTCARE in red across the top of the leaflet and extensive text printed in white below. Inside the leaflet is extensive text, in three panels, printed in black on a white background. The first panel tells the story of artist Thomas Le's experience as a political prisoner in Vietnam and his escape to Thailand. The second panel explores the plight of child refugees and the third panel provides examples of AUSTCARE's programs which are specifically aimed at assisting refugee children. The back of the leaflet tells Esma's story, a child who grew up in the former Yugoslavia, her father and brother were dragged out of their home and killed and Esma, her mother and sisters were taken from their home to a succession of camps before finding safety in a refugee hostel. The back of the leaflet provides additional information on the types of programs run by Austcare and information on how the reader can help. The inside flap of the leaflet space for entering donation information, personal details and credit card details.

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