Alternative name: Order Form.

Leaflet promoting the release of Austcare's first limited edition set of Greeting cards for 1996. These cards were designed by Vietnamese born artist Thomas Le, and were inspired by the words 'many refugee children grow up behind barbed wire or in isolated camps. They've never seen a cow of a dog. Too many refugee children think green grass is something to eat, not something upon which to romp and run.' When he was fourteen Thomas spent time as a political prisoner in Vietnam before escaping to Thailand where he spent two years in a refugee camp. In 1978 at the age of 16 he migrated to Australia, where he was finally reunited with some members of his family.

Thomas donated the images of these cards to Austcare, which seeks to help refugee children throughout the world, as a way of giving something back for his new life in Australia for others who are suffering. He identifies with the plight of refugee children who miss out on simple pleasures such as reading books and looking at illustrations other than war propaganda.

Physical Description

Paper leaflet A4 size. The top section of the leaflet has extensive text on a green background with 'AUSTCARE' written in dark green along the right hand side. There is a picture of the Penguin greeting card (a penguin in green, brown and white on a red background) in the top left corner, and there are smaller images of three other greeting cards, rhinoceros, tiger and pig, below the text. The lower section of the leaflet has details for ordering greeting cards and making a donation on the left hand side, on a pink background, and a space for filling out name and address details on the right hand side on a light green background.

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