Grape or wine press known as a Torchio, made circa 1960s. This grape press was used in domestic wine production by the Di Benedetto family at their home in Thornbury, from the 1960s to 1991. In the early years the wine making was very much a family affair, with everyone contributing to the annual ritual. As the family dispersed, Vito di Benedetto continued to make wine once every three years, with the assistance of Maria and often his daughter Angela, until his death in 1991.

Physical Description

Wooden slatted container with metal hoops and rope on top of a metal 3 legged stand (detaches to 2 pieces). Container unhinges and opens out for cleaning, vertical steel pole attached to turning mechanism which compresses grapes. It contains around 10 pieces, used with grape press, including steel poles which slot through vertical pole as a handle; 4 wooden compression plates; 2 metal compression plates; 2 strainers (attach to external pourer for secondary straining)

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