Australia New South Wales Sydney
Hogarth & Erichsen Token Threepence 1860 (AD) struck over a French 1 franc coin of Louis XVIII
Mint: see References

Standard references: Andrews 691 = Heyde 117/1

Physical Description

A round silver token struck on a worn French franc of Louis XVIII that has also been holed. The token design featuring the name and partial address of the issuer: Hogarth, Erichsen and Co., Sydney around an olive wreath within which the denominational numeral '3' and below which the date, 1860. The reverse features a kangaroo, on left, and emu, on right standing either side of a grass-tree. The original coin is worn.

Obverse Description

At centre within olive wreath 3; around, HOGARTH & ERICHSEN SYDNEY date, 1860 in small letters below wreath. This struck onto reverse of original coin and holed at 12

Reverse Description

Kangaroo to left and emu to right of a grass tree; around, REMEMBERANCE OF AUSTRALIA. struck onto obverse of French franc, around all is LOUIS XVIII ROI DE FRANCE

Edge Description


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