Poster issued by the Department of Immigration, Multicultural and Indigenous Affairs in 2003 as part of the 'Living in Harmony' initiative. The focus of the Living in Harmony initiative is Harmony Day, held each year on 21 March since 1999. The day promotes the notion of Australia as a multicultural society, provides an opportunity for commitment to respect and understanding between Australians of all backgrounds and encourages the rejection of racism. The Living in Harmony initiative also provided a community grants program and a community partnership program.

Physical Description

Single page, colour poster printed on both sides. The front features a picture of 20 smiling culturally diverse people arranged in the shape of the Australian continent, each wearing a "Harmony day" ribbon, on an ochre coloured background. The poster states "Community harmony is everyone's business." and "Get Involved". On the reverse is descriptive information regarding Harmony Day and how to get a HArmony Day Kit.

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