Photograph in an album that belonged to an Australian serviceman in the 5th Australian Light House during World War I. The album contains 103 small black and white photographs, mainly of Gallipoli in 1915, the Hospital Ship SS Caledonia and some photos from the Hospital in London. They are believed to have been taken by Trooper George Simpson Millar, service no. 160, 'A' Troop, 'C' Squadron, 5th Australian Light Horse Regiment, 2nd Australian Light Horse Brigade, A.I.F. He served in Gallipoli and France (for some time as an officer in the British Army), returning to Australia in 1919.

The photograph was taken at Gallipoli during George Simpson Millar time on the peninsula (May-August 1915).

Henry Wetherell was 32 years and 11 months old when he joined up in Enoggera, QLD on 15 November 1914. He served in the 5th Light Horse Regiment during the Gallipoli Campaign. Before the war was over he had advanced to the rank of Captain. He returned to Australia in 1919.

Robert Harold 'Put' Nimmo later became an Brigadier General and served during the World War II and the leader of the U.N. India-Pakistan Observation Mission in Kashmir in the 1950s and 1960s.

Description of Content

Two men seated at a table writing in an makeshift office. One of the men (probably Nimmo, because of the mustache) is wearing an wrist watch). In the corner there is at least one full set off combat gear (webbing, bandoliers and an slouch hat). There is several shelves carved out of the walls. Because the two men were regimental adjutants the office might be the regimental staff room for 5th Light Horse. 'Put' was Nimmos nickname from his time at Duntroon.

Physical Description

Monochrome photograph in green and brown-covered album.

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