Photograph in an album that belonged to an Australian serviceman in the 5th Australian Light House during World War I. The album contains 103 small black and white photographs, mainly of Gallipoli in 1915 and some of France and Belgium. They are believed to have been taken by Trooper George Simpson Millar, service no. 160, 'A' Troop, 'C' Squadron, 5th Australian Light Horse Regiment, 2nd Australian Light Horse Brigade, A.I.F. He served in Gallipoli and France (for some time as an officer in the Imperial Army), returning to Australia in 1919.

The photograph was taken onboard SS. Caledonia off Gibraltar in August/September 1915 while George Simpson Millar was being evacuated from Gallipoli to a hospital in London.

The buildings on the photo is the Royal Navy Dockyards at Gibraltar, The Rock is visible in the background.

Description of Content

Photo taken onboard a ship in the docks at Gibraltar. The buildings on the left is the Royal Navy dockyards from the left there is a white painted warehouse, an church with a bell tower and a big cross and more white warehouses, a black structure that looks like an monument. In the docks there is a small ship and a large black crane. Parts of the town is visible in the background on the right. In the background on the right is the Rock.

Physical Description

Monochrome photograph in green and brown-covered album.

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