Crown, Issued by, Bermuda, 1964.
Minted at Royal Mint, London.

Obverse Description

Crowned bust wearing necklace facing right; around, ELIZABETH II DEI GRATIA REGINA; incuse on the bust truncation the artist's initials, CT (Cecil Thomas)

Reverse Description

The coat of arms of Bermuda dividing the date 1964; the arms is a shield depicting the wreck of the Sea Venture which was driven ashore (by Admiral Sir George Somers of the Virginia Company) on the island in 1609, the shield is supported by a lion (representing England); below on a ribbon, QUO FATA FERUNT (translation: Where the Fates carry us); around above, ONE BERMUDA CROWN

Edge Description



This coin, though legal tender, apparently saw little circulation on the island. Its prime function was in sales to collectors, the choice of silver as the metal from which it was struck highlights this role, During the 1960's, the price of silver was rising and the few countries that had not already abandoned silver for circulating coins were moving to copper-nickel alloys for their main coinage needs. Australia persisted with one silver denomination, the 50 cent, only for the first year of decimal coinage, 1966.

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