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Medal - Wimmera and District Pastoral and Agricultural Society Silver Prize 1874 (AD)
Mint: Crisp, G
Awarded to: Trouette and Blampied

Silver medal awarded at the 1874 Wimmera and District Pastoral and Agricultural Society to Trouette & Blampied for Colonial Red Wine. The medal includes the names 'G. Crisp' and 'JH'. Geo. Crisp was a watchmaker and jeweller in Queen Street in 1874. He apparently collaborated with Julius Hogarth on this medal. Hogarth was listed at Wangaratta Street, Richmond, in the Melbourne Directory. The Wimmera District Pastoral and Agricultural Society was formed in 1869, with Samuel Wilson as its first president and Nathaniel Swan as its first secretary. Wilson was by this time a very wealthy and influential member of Victorian society and had represented the Wimmera in the Legislative Assembly in 1861-61. He supported the work of the Acclimatization Society by experimenting with ostrich and goat farming. The Society held annual meetings and other activities to support the development of farming practices and community relationships in the Wimmera region.

French immigrants Jean-Pierre Trouette, his wife Anne Marie Blampied and her brother Emile settled in the Grampians in 1858. Jean-Pierre and his brother-in-law Emile were the first to plant grape vines at Great Western, in 1863. They were eventually awarded numerous medals for their wines. Jean-Pierre was dedicated to the establishment of the local wine industry, and also served as a councillor in Stawell. He died in 1885.

Physical Description

A silver prize medal (45 mm diameter) awarded to Trouette & Blampied of St. Peter's vineyard Great Western for their red wine entry. The medal features a rural scene with bull and sheep facing left and horse facing right with wheat sheaf and farming hand-tools together with details of the award.

Obverse Description

Engraved at centre of wreath of wheat and vines, 1st PRIZE / Trouette & Blampied / for Colonial / RED WINE / any age / 1874; around, WIMMERA DISTRICT PASTORAL & AGRICULTURAL SOCIETY

Reverse Description

Pastoral scene of horse, cow sheep and farming tools; in exergue in small letters, J.H. SC. G. CRISP MELBOURNE

Edge Description


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