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Medal - Bordeaux Universal Exhibition Progress Award1882 (AD)
Mint: Massonnet, Paris
Awarded to: Trouette and Blampied, St Peter's Vineyard

Bordeaux Universal Exhibition Progress award, presented to Trouette and Blampied, St. Peter's Vineyard, for wine. It was minted in Paris.

French immigrants Jean-Pierre Trouette, his wife Anne Marie Blampied and her brother Emile settled in the Grampians in 1858. Jean-Pierre and his brother-in-law Emile were the first to plant grape vines at Great Western, in 1863. They were eventually awarded numerous medals for their wines. Jean-Pierre was dedicated to the establishment of the local wine industry, and also served as a councillor in Stawell. He died in 1885.

Physical Description

A bronze prize medal (67 mm diameter) awarded to Trouette & Blampied of St. Peter's vineyard Great Western for their wine entry. The medal features a turreted-crowned Shield of Bordeaux on a lion reclining left head facing with branches of oak and olive on right and grapes on left together with details of the award.

Obverse Description

Arms of Bordeaux on lion; below, FONDEE EN 1808; AROUND, SOCIETE PHILOMATHIQUE DE BORDEAUX; in small letters, MASSONNET EDIT, PARIS

Reverse Description

At centre, EXPOSITION UNIVERSELLES DES VINS . 1882 . MEDAILLE DE PROGRESS engraved,Trouette & Blampeid / St. Peters Vineyard; around, XIIIE EXPOSITION GENERALE

Edge Description


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