Australia Victoria Melbourne
1875 (AD)
Mint: Stokes & Martin
Awarded to: Trouette and Blampied

Medal minted for the Victorian Intercolonial Exhibition, 1875 to select for the Centennial Exhibition in Philadelphia, 1876. It was awarded to wine-makers Trouette and Blampied. The Exhibition was opened in Melbourne in September 1875 and closed in November of the same year. Winning exhibits were sent to Philadelphia for display in its Centennial Exhibition, which opened on 10 May 1876. This medal was designed by Oswald Rose Campbell, engraved by Julius Hogarth and struck by Stokes and Martin.

French immigrants Jean-Pierre Trouette, his wife Anne Marie Blampied and her brother Emile settled in the Grampians in 1858. Jean-Pierre and his brother-in-law Emile were the first to plant grape vines at Great Western, in 1863. They were eventually awarded numerous medals for their wines. Jean-Pierre was dedicated to the establishment of the local wine industry, and also served as a councillor in Stawell. He died in 1885.

Physical Description

A bronze prize medal (69 mm diameter) awarded in Melbourne to the winemakers Trouette and Blampied for the Melbourne Philadelphia Exhibition. It features James Cook and Christopher Columbus resting arms on a globe showing the Pacific Ocean (Cook on the side showing Australia and Columbus on the American side) and each carrying a navigational tool of their era.

Obverse Description

At centre a globe showing the Pacific ocean; left James Cook, right Christopher Colombus, below, MELBOURNE 1875; in ex.; PHILADELPHIA 1876

Reverse Description

At centre within wreats, INGENS / PATEAT TELLVS / ***** / NEC SIT TERRIS / VLTIMA / THVLE

Edge Description


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