This is the original negative of an image used by Campbell in his work on Australian Birds and Nests. Mr A. J Bussell is holding one of the Osprey's Young. This image was taken a few miles up the coast from Mr. Bussell's home, Wallcliffe in Margaret River, Western Australia. He is wearing only his shirt as they had just waded through the deep water of The Margaret River. He is leaning into the large nest to retrieve the young. As Campbell notes: 'Breathless we reach the aerie, which is only tenanted by fledglings. The camera is quickly adjusted, the tripod resting amongst brittle saltbush, where young gulls were hiding. While Bussell examines the young Ospreys, the drop-shutter descends, and he is immortalised. The illustration give a capital idea of the nest, with the mainland as a background. The nest, with slightly hollowed top, is about 4 feet high, with a circumference of about 13 feet, constructed of sticks and roots, and situated about twenty-five feet above high-water mark.'

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Man reaching into a large ground nest.

Physical Description

Black and white silver gelatin glass negative, half plate, landscape format

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