Image taken by A.J. Campbell in preparation for his definitive work, 'Nests and Eggs of Australian Birds including the Geographical Distribution of the Species and Popular Observations Thereon', published by Pawson & Brailsford, Sheffield, England in 1900. This particular image was featured as Plate 9, where Campbell notes 'Nest - Cup shaped, deep; outwardly composed of long, soft, pliable stems of aquatic plants, woven and intermixed with swamp dÚbris, roots, &c.; usually firmly secured on four or five reeds standing in water. Other examples are composed of a mass of dark-coloured roots; lined inside in either case with a goodly supply of clean yellowish grass, chiefly the soft tops of flowering portions. Dimension over all, 3 to 3¢ inches by 3+ to 4 inches in depth; egg cavity, 1 5/8 to 1¥ inches across by 2 inches deep.' Campbell was obviously disappointed with this particular image as he comments: "The illustration, although conveying a fair idea of the nest, is hardly a successful photograph."

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Nest suspended in reeds.

Physical Description

Black and white silver gelatin glass negative, half plate, portrait format

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