Photograph is located in an album: Volume No. 12: "Misc. Equipment: 1918-1924", page 19. This is one of 25 albums that provide detailed visual documentation of the activities of the McKay enterprise.

This image forms part of the extensive McKay Sunshine collection which includes images, film, objects, trade publications and oral histories.

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Rear view of an early Sunshine Model O tractor built at the Sunshine Harvester Works, giving a clear view of the spur-gears within the rear wheels for driving purposes. Engaging the belt-drive pulley was by an over-centre action. The tractor has the words 'H.V. McKAY SUNSHINE' written on the petrol tank in front of the steering wheel and 'PATENT PENDING' on the chassis side beam. Only a limited number of the two early Sunshine tractor models were built, being used primarily for experimental purposes.

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