Gold coin; Denomination: Guinea
Royal Mint, London
Queen Anne (1702-1714)

In 1707 the Act of the Union was passed joining England and Scotland into a single realm, this coin was struck after that so the arms of England and Scotland are halved within a shield and repeated twice.

The legend on the coin reads as a single title from front to back, it translates as 'Anne by the Grace of God Queen of Great Britain, France and Ireland". The current value of a Guinea throughout the reign of Queen Anne was 21 shillings and sixpence. This may be a cast copy used in jewellry or may have been heavily treated for the same purpose.

Obverse Description

Draped bust of Anne, left; around, ANNA DEI GRATIA (point of casting or mounting above Queen's head)

Reverse Description

Crowned shields - with arms of England and Scotland emblazoned per pale at top and bottom and Ireland and France forming a cross shape with the badge of the Star of the Garter at the centre; between the shields are four sceptres surmounted by an orb, thistle, lis and harp; around, MAG BRI . FR ET . HIB REG 1713, the date being divided by the crown above the English arms.

Edge Description


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