Photograph of Bert Laity, Gus Godden and Charlie Lesberg, discussing the technical details of a Sunshine header.

Photograph is located in an album: Volume No. 10: "Portraits, Sundry Machines, Royal Show 1945-51", page 59. This is one of 25 albums that provide detailed visual documentation of the activities of the McKay enterprise.

The photograph is part of the extensive H.V. McKay Sunshine Collection, which consists of photographs, films, business and personal archives, artefacts, plans, oral histories and trade literature spanning from 1884 to the present.

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Caption from the Sunshine Review: 'Well known identities at work: foreman of the assembly floor, Bert Laity (right) and well travelled Sunshine machinery expert, Gus Godden (left) discuss the technical details of a Sunshine header with Charlie Lesberg, an expert from Queensland...Sept 1946'.

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