Denarius, issued by Ancient Roman Republic, 76-75 BC
Moneyer: CN. LEN Q (Cn Lentulus)
Perhaps minted in Spain

Obverse Description

Bust of the Genius Populi Romani facing right, hair tied with band; above, G.P.R.

Reverse Description

At centre, a globe; around, placed to give the impression odf a triangle; on left, a sceptre with a wreath; on right, a rudder; below, CN. LEN.Q.; in field at left EX. and at right S.C

Edge Description



Cn Lentulus went on to becom Consul in 56 BC. Crawford suggests for the formula EX S.C. on the reverse of this coin "it thus seem probable, though not absolutely certain, that routine coinage, although authorised by the Senate, bore no special mark and that only when an issue was sepearately authorised during the year was it marked with EX.S.C." (Crawford p.609). Lentulus also issues denarii without the EX S.C. formula but gives his authorisation by the term LENT. CVR. X (with bar) F. - Lentulus Curator denariorum flandorum.

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