Copper As struck during the reign of the Emperor Galba between July 68 and January 69 AD, Ancient Roman Empire. Minted by Rome. The extent and position of the wear on this coin make it impossible to determine the full content of the obverse legend and hence to tie down the date of production of the coin any further.

After the death of Nero Galba was supported by the Praetorian Guard as the next emperor, he was already leading a revolt in the west. He arrived at Rome in early October 68 AD but soon lost favour (partly for not paying the donative promised to the Guard). Otho, who had supported him and hoped to be appointed his successor was overlooked and conspired with the praetorians to have him killed (15 Jan 59) and replaced him. The year 69 AD is called the year of the four emperors, Galba was the first.

Obverse Description

Bare head of Galba facing right; around, IMP SER GALBA CAES [.....]

Reverse Description

Libertas standing facing left extending a pileus in her right hand; around, LIBERTAS [PVBLICA]; in field divided by figure, S C

Edge Description


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