Gold coin; Denomination: Guinea
Royal Mint, London
George II (1727-1760), Intermediate head type

This coin has been mounted at the edge for jewellry, the obverse is worn, the reverse legend is damaged and there is rim damage.

Obverse Description

Intermediate laureate head of George II facing left; around, GEORGIVS . II . DEI . GRATIA.

Reverse Description

Crowned and garnished shield with the royal arms, England and Scotland impaled, France, Ireland and the Electorate of Brunswick and Luneburg; around, M . B . F . ET . H . REX . F . D . B . ET . L . D . S . R . I . A . T . ET . E . 1760, the date being broken bt the crown. (Translation obverse and reverse: George II by the Grace of God King of Great Britain, France and Ireland, Duke of Brunswick and Luneburg, Archi-Thesaurius and Elector of the Holy Roman Empire). Much of the legend damaged by mounting.

Edge Description

worn and damaged.

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