Silver coin; Denomination: one shilling
Royal Mint, London
Queen Anne (1702-1714)

The legend reads as a single title from obverse to reverse and translates "Anne by the Grace of God Queen of Great Britain, France and Ireland" The word Vigo below the Queen's bust records that this coin was made from silver captured from the Spanish at Vigo Bay. A shilling is a 12 pence coin.

Obverse Description

Bust of Anne left; around, ANNA DEI GRATIA; below, VIGO

Reverse Description

Crowned shields - with arms of England, Scotland, Ireland and France forming a cross shape with the badge of the Star of the Garter at the centre; around, MAG BR FRA ET HIB REG 1702, the date being divided by the crown above the English arms.

Edge Description

Diagonal milling ///

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