Proof 5 Cents, Issued by, New Brunswick, Canada, 1875 H
Minted by Royal Mint, London (employing a die prepared for Heaton & Sons, Birmingham)

Obverse Description

Laureate head of the Queen, with plait of hair running below the ear, facing left; around, VICTORIA D:G: REG: NEW BRUNSWICK.

Reverse Description

At centre within wreath of sweet maple and below a crown, 5 / CENTS / 1875; below wreath, the mint mark H

Edge Description



Dr. William Howat donation, 1926. Dr. Howat acquired this coin at the closure of the Sydney Mint in 1926. It had formed part of the Mint's exhibit at the 1879-80 Sydney International Exhibition being provided to the Mint by the Royal Mint, London for that purpose.

This denomination was only struck for circulation in New Brunswick with the dates 1862 and 1864 and only at the Royal Mint. Dies for the coins struck by Heaton & Sons were prepared at the Royal Mint, London with the mint mark H, for the Canadian 5 Cent denomination in 1875. This piece seems to be a mule from the Canadian and New Brunswick 5 cents dies. It was struck for the Sydney Mint exhibit at the Royal Mint but using a die made for Heaton & Sons. The Royal Mint catalogue records the New Brunswick obverse die (No. 2947) but the mint did not hold a New Brunswick 5 cents reverse die in 1910 when the catalogue of dies was published. See also NU 7510, a proof 10 cents of New Foundland dated 1870.
J. Sharples

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