Australia New South Wales
Copy of Dump, 15 Pence 1813 (AD)

This piece is a copper cast copy of a dump, probably made in about 1813.

In 1813 Governor Lachlan Macquarie overcame an acute shortage of currency by arranging for the purchase of Spanish silver dollars, having the centres punched out and therein creating two new coins - the 'Holey Dollar' (valued at five shillings) and the 'Dump' (valued at one shilling and three pence). The work was carried out by William Hanshall, a convict transported for forgery.

Physical Description

An circular milled cast copper copy of a dump (19 mm diameter) bearing on the obverse a crown with the words around above, NEW SOUTH WALES; and the date below, 1813. The reverse features the denomination FIFTEEN PENCE in two lines. The piece is worn and all legends are difficult to read.

Obverse Description

At centre a crown, around above, NEW SOUTH WALES; below, 1813

Reverse Description

Legend in two lines; FIFTEEN / PENCE

Edge Description


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