Photograph copied from Volume No. 3, "Miscellaneous: H.V. McKay Ballarat, Sunshine Factories & Products; Maps, Plans & Charts; Passport Photographs; 1904-1945", page 37.

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General Pau with Mr H.V. McKay. General Pau led the French political, scientific and economic mission to Australia in August-December 1918. General Pau, a celebrated war veteran was a military representative on the mission. He was appointed the leader of the mission following the untimely death of its original leader, M. Albert Metin, during the tour of the United States of America. An extract from a report in the 'Evening Post', New York, on 6 August 1918, page 7 reads: "The Australian Press Association representative interviewed M. Albert Metin, head of the French Mission to Australia. M. Metin said : 'I am most anxious to reach Australia to study the conditions there with the view to establishing preferred-nation arrangements for trade after the war. l am very interested in Australia's repatriation plans for her soldiers. I expect that many men will seek the land of sunshine after the war.'"

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