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Medal - Florence Natural History Museum1870 (AD)
Mint: not recorded
Awarded to: Mueller, Ferdinand von
Other Details: Florence Natural History Museum medal, awarded to Ferdinand von Mueller in April 1870. Mueller was the Victorian Government Botanist from 1852 until 1884, and the Director of the Botanical Gardens from 1857 to 1873. He was arguably Australia's most prominent 19th century scientist.

Physical Description

A silver prize medal (51 mm) diameter awarded to Baron Ferdinand von Mueller

Obverse Description

Bust of bearded man left; around, R. MUSEO DI FISICA E STORIA NATURALE DI FIRENZE * below bust in small letters, L. GORI INC.

Reverse Description

Inscribed within olive wreath, A / FERDINANDO MUELLER / APRILE 1870

Edge Description



This was almost certainly a medal of merit awarded by the [Florence Natural History ] Museum in response to Mueller's many donations of natural history materials to it. He made these donations through the noted botanist Filippo Parlatore, a long-term correspondent of his, who at the time the medal was awarded, was
Director of the Museum - Prof. R. W. Home Dec 2005.

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