Orichalcum Sestertius struck during the reign of the Emperor Vespasian in the second half of 73 AD, Ancient Roman Empire. Minted by Rome. Vespasian became Censor (CENS at the end of the obverse legend on this coin) on 1 July 73 AD. The obverse legend also records that he had held the Consulship on four occasions when it was struck, he began his fifth Consulship on 1 January 74 so the coin was struck between 1 July and 31 December 73 AD.

Obverse Description

Laureate head of Vespasian facing right; around, IMP CAES VESP AVG P M TR P P P COS IIII CENS

Reverse Description

Mars wearing helmet and cape advancing to right holding a spear in his right hand and with a trophy over his left shoulder; in field, divided by figure, S C

Edge Description


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