Ducat, Issued by Brunswick and Luneberg (which became Hannover in 1814), Germany, 1799 PLM
Minted by Clausthal

Obverse Description

Crowned shield of arms; below, P.L.M.; around, GEORG. III. D.G. M. BR. F. &. H. REX. F.D. BR. &. L. DUX. S. R. I. A. TH. & EL

Reverse Description

Horse advancing to left; in exergue, EX AURO HERC: / 1799

Edge Description

Diagonal milled


The obverse of the coins states George III is King of Great Britain, France and Ireland, Duke of Brunswick and Luneburg and archi-thesaurus and Elector of the Holy Roman Empire. The gold used to make this coin came from mines in the Hartz mountains.

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