Black and white negative of a horse team moving a house from Creswick through Allendale, in Victoria about 1905 or 1909.

Goldmining at Creswick was declining and there was less demand for houses in the area, hence the house was being moved. Jim Dempsey is driving the horse teams. Jack Dempsey is at right. Jim Mills is on the pony, Ginger. Jack Dempsey drove horses for the Mills, and it is likely that the house removal company managing the move in this case was Mills.

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A horse team of about ten horses moving a house. The house is braced by diagonal struts. A number of men and children are sitting on the horse cart, standing in the doorway of the house or standing on the ground at right of the house. A boy is on a pony. Farm land is at left in the background. The house has a bullnose verandah with wrought iron lacework and two windows at the front.

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