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A panoramic view of workers outside the Larkin Aircraft Supply Company Limited. (LASCO) at Coode Island. Visible inside the hangar is a SE5a with the British registration G-EBVB, belonging to the UK firm Savage Skywriting Co. Ltd. In March 1928, two of Savage's SE5a aircraft and pilots were brought to Australia to demonstate skywriting as an advertising technique and were based at Coode Island during their stay in Melbourne. The first official demonstration over Melbourne was flown by George A. Lingham DFC on 14 April 1928 when he wrote 'HELLO' at about 12,000 feet in letters seven miles long. Lingham, who was born in Melbourne had practised for his display the previous day over Sunshine. Soap manufacturer Lever Bros contracted the aircraft to write 'LUX' over Melbourne and Sydney but other work was scarce and the two SE5a aircraft were shipped back to the UK on 28 December 1928. 'Jimmy' Larkin is seated third from the right.

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