Black and white image of Ruth, Enid and Maisie Hamilton at Ensay Station, in the Gippsland area of Victoria, around 1895. The children are with their ponies in front of the station homestead.

According to a family member, Ensay Station was later inherited by Ray Mitchell and Jeanette Connelly, after they married in 1953 in Omeo. They inherited Ensay Station from the Connelly family.

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Three young girls with three ponies in front of a stone house with a large verandah. At left two of the girls are sitting on two of the ponies and at right one girl is standing next to another pony. Two ponies are dark coloured and one is white. The girl standing at right wears a skirt, shirt and tie and her hair is loose. Large trees are on either side of the house, and a fence or gate post is at front left.

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