Part of The Biggest Family Album in Australia collection.

This photograph is described by a member of the family:

'The three people in this photograph are Edna Birkin (L), Edith Birkin (centre) and Florence McNabb (later Beaton) (R). They are at Sunshine Farm, Carwarp and the photo was taken in 1940. The shed was built in 1920 to house the new Ford. This photo is in a book 'A Woman's Work' written by Flo in 1985 about her mother, Clara McNabb (nee Birkin). Flo was my father's cousin. Flo was a gifted needle-worker and won many medals at the Royal Melbourne Show. Sunshine Farm was taken up, as a selection, in 1913 but is no longer in the family'.

Description of Content

Three women, one holds a teddy bear and one a doll dressed as a soldier. The third woman appears to be crocheting a rug. They are seated in front of a pile of Mallee roots and there is a corrugated iron shed behind that.

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