Gold coin; Denomination: "Fine" Sovereign.
Royal Mint, London.
Mary (1553-1554) sole reign.

The Fine Sovereign (30 shillings) struck for Queen Mary was the first issue of gold coins of England to bear the date of production, it is dated MDLIII (1553). Under Mary gold was returned to the old standard, 23 cts 3 1/2 grs. fine ans 1/2 gr alloy.

Obverse Description

Full figure of the Queen enthroned, wearing crown and holding a sceptre and orb (held on her knee) within a arched tressure, at her feet, a portcullis; around, MARIA (mm. pomegranate) D G ANG FRA Z hIB REGINA MDLIII.

Reverse Description

Royal shield, quartered with the arms of England and France, at the centre of a double rose all within an arched tressure; around, A DNO (mm. pomegranate) FACTV EST ISTV Z EST MIRA IN OCVL NRIS (translation: This is the Lord's doing and it is marvellous in our eyes).

Edge Description


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