Black and white photograph of a man, woman and child in front of a stone cottage in Clarke Street, Harveytown, also now known as Eaglehawk, near Bendigo in the goldfields area of Victoria, circa 1885. It is unclear who the family is but it is possible that it is Eliza and Thomas Harvey, Cornish immigrants who built the cottage.

This stone cottage was built in about 1875 by Eliza and Thomas Harvey, who, according to the donor of this photograph, the township of Harveytown was named after. The Harvey family were Cornish stonemasons and this cottage is one of three stone cottages built by the family.The cottages are now listed by the National Trust of Victoria, and were first heritage listed in 1975.

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A man, woman and child in front of a stone cottage. The man, at far left, wears a shirt, vest and hat, and the woman, in the middle, wears a shirt and skirt. The child is standing at right, on the left side of a tree. There is a garden in the foreground. The cottage is one of two visible cottages in a row of three. There is a chimney on the cottage at far left, then a window and an open door, then at right is another window, a chimney on the roof, a closed door, and another window.

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