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A Cierva C.19 Mk IVP (Avro 620) autogiro with the civil registration VH-USO on a demonstration visit to Ballarat. In the background, hand- operated refuelling pumps. This machine was imported by the Autogyro Corporation of Australia in late 1934 and was the first autogiro to fly in Australia when it was test flown at Essendon on 1 October 1934. It was badly damaged in an accident in June 1935 after which it did not fly again. One of its pilots was Capt Frank Roberts of Ballarat who may be the figure standing in the cockpit. The Autogyro Corporation intended to use it for " for advertising, aerial photography, public demonstrations, pilot 'instruction, passenger flights, and other purposes", according to The Argus newspaper of 2 October 1934.

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