Group portrait of 13 World War I recruits from the eastern Victorian town of Ensay. The image was taken around their attestation date of 31 July 1915.

The East Gippsland Family History Group and East Gippsland Historical Society's publication The Black Sheep, no. 77, Dec 2009, names the 13 “Ensay recruits”. Top (left to right): Private William Burns, Private Henry Francis Swann, Private Albert Herbert Arthur Burden, Private Albert Scott, Private Walter James Warford, Sapper George William Duggan, Private William Oliver Holston. Bottom (left to right): Private Driver Francis Arthur Warford, William James Wallace, Private Henry Leslie Weeks, Corporal William Henry Hardwick, Sapper Charles William Heyne, Private Joseph Mearns.

Ensay appears to have made its contribution to World War I. Recruitment was active (eg. on 1 April 1918 the State Recruiting Committee met at Ensay - ref: The Argus), and after the war, Ensay was apparently a soldier-settlement centre.

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A group of young men. Some hold flags and there is a sign in front reading 'Ensay Recruits'.

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