1 Penny token, Issued by, Sir Philip Gibbs, Barbados, 1788.
Gibbs Plantation Token
Minted at Hancock, Birmingham

Obverse Description

The head of a slave facing left, wearing a coronet and three feather plume; below, I SERVE

Reverse Description

At centre, a pineapple; around, BARBADOES . PENNY . 1788 .

Edge Description



Sir Philip Gibbs, owner of the Gibbs plantation, arranged for the striking of one and a half hundredweight of these pieces to be struck. The dies were engraved by J. Milton of the Royal Mint and Hocking, p. 314, believes the pieces were struck at the the Royal Mint. It would seem that they were not an official product of the Royal Mint but a private parcel struck by one of the engravers. Gibbs tokens are often catalogued as 'Token Coinage' as they achieved widespread circulation throughout Barbados.

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