The Carnival Wood Day of 1914 was organised by Councillor J. R. B. Brien and Mr George Brien, of Grand View, Wangandary, to raise money for local charities. Farmers and wood cutters were encourages to donating loads of firewood (and produce), that were paraded through the streets of Wangaratta then sold for charity. The procession, beginning at 2 o'clock before a large crowd of spectators, consisted of 101 loads, comprising 88 large loads of wood, 7 loads of gravel, one load each of coke, pumpkins and straw, and two loads of wood drawn by goats. There were four horse waggon, and one, two and three horse dray loads; waggonette and lorry loads, spring carts, buggy and dog cart loads, "every vehicle that could hold wood was requisitioned.". The sale told place at the corner of Murphy & Reid Streets and realised a total of £205.

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In the foreground is a crowd of spectators looking towards an attraction on the right in a side street - possibly the sale of loads of firewood and other produce included in the 'Wood Day' charity carnival. In the main street there are also riders on horseback and several horsedrawn wagons that appear to be carrying loads of firewood. On the street corner is a gas street lamp on a cast iron stanchion and behind the crowd is a white painted corner shop with a raised skylight in the roof and a verandah at the front. Above the verandah is painted the words "WHITE HOUSE" and on the side wall the words "WHITE HOUSE FURNISHING ARCADE - CASH OR TERMS".

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