Medal - Albury Industrial Exhibition 1896 Exhibitor
Mint: Stokes & Sons
Other Details: This medal is allocated to the Albury exhibition by Chitty in 1920. It features the 1872 Aboriginal portrait by Julius Hogarth and is therefore often dated much earlier. It was presumably an exhibitors pass to the exhibition
Previous Collections: George McArthur

Physical Description

An exhibitors gilt medal (22 mm diameter) featuring Julius Hogarth's Aboriginal head facing right and the word EXHIBITOR as the only feature on the reverse

Obverse Description

Julius Hogarth's Aboriginal head, facing right; around, STRUCK AT THE EXHIBITION MINT :

Reverse Description


Edge Description



The Aboriginal man whose head was depicted on many medals in the later nineteenth century was known as 'Ricketty Dick'. He was familiar to people who travelled along the New South Head Road to Watson's Bay, in Sydney. Born around 1798, he camped on dry ground amongst the swamps of Rose Bay, near the site of the current Lyne Park. As people passed through his tribal territory he asked them for coins, tobacco and other goods. In later years he was provided support by wealthy pastoralist and politician W.C. Wentworth. He died in June 1863.

Ricketty Dick was portrayed in the earliest known Australian sculpture in silver, attributed to Julius Hogarth. It was displayed in the 1855 Paris Exposition Universelle. -Powerhouse Museum web site L.J. Carlisle. 1983. Australian Commemorative Medals and Medalets from 1799, p.13. -D. Tout-Smith 26/9/2003.

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